Secure encrypted online backup

Hippo Backup data solutions offer unrivalled levels of security and
efficiency for data held on PCs,
laptops and servers.

Our online data backup solutions ensure total protection against data loss. When disaster strikes, Hippo Backup will get you up and running again, simply and quickly.

Hippo Backup are part of the Microconnect group of companies. As an independent company formed in 1995, The MicroConnect Group has evolved into a leading provider of IT solutions, security systems, data backup and home automation to small
and medium companies in the Greater Manchester area.

Our priority is, quite simply, meeting our customers' needs – to maximise performance and profitability.

If you would like to test Hippo Backup - why not try our free 30 day, no obligation trial?

  • There is only a 30% survival rate for UK businesses that suffer significant data loss. The other 70% of businesses fail within their next 18 months.

  • Online, offsite backup has become Best Practice as agreed to by the US Internet Consortium.

  • Online, offsite backup is easy and very cost effective compared to alternatives. There is also very little work required from your end to keep it running.

  • No additional hardware is required as it uses your existing broadband connection, saving you any added equipment costs which will only become obselete with time.
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